Discover a New Hobby by Panning for Gold

Not many hobbies can claim that they are relaxing, enjoyable and make a profit to boot. Many people sink hundreds if not thousands of dollars into their hobbies. Not everyone can afford such luxury. Because of the connection with nature you get and its potential to make real money, hunting for gold is a great hobby, and has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years.
Not many hobbies can claim the same profit margin that hunting for gold can. With a relatively small investment in equipment, you can be out in the wild panning for gold in no time. Gold is a mineral that occurs naturally in mountains across the country. As the sides of the mountains erode, rain, snow and wind wash away pieces of gold. The water that carries the gold goes downhill, and as the water finds the quickest way down the mountain it eventually forms into streams. These streams carry the gold for a while, but it eventually sinks down into the soil. Little pieces of gold are buried under a layer of rock and mud for a long time.
This is a cycle that has been happening the same way for millions of years. Gold is not as rare as you might think. Do some research to find a mountain that has gold deposits near you, and take your gold pan and fill it with silt from the river. Take out the larger stones by hand, then submerge it and shake it, gently pouring out the lighter materials. Be careful not to tilt it too far or you will lose some gold in the process. In the end, you should have a small amount of sand with any pieces of gold that were in the silt included with it. If the sand is black, it has iron deposits and can be removed with a magnet. Then, keep up with the water until the panning tray is clean as can be, and gather your gold deposits. With just a little effort, you wound up with gold that can be sold for real money. Once they see the money you make, no one will doubt it when you tell them that hunting for gold is a great hobby.

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