A Football Player Guarding Soccer Goals

I remember playing soccer as a kid on the football field in PE. After elementary school, I don’t think my feet touched a soccer ball until I was 18 years old. That’s like 6 years. I remember playing with some friends when I started college. After that I remember not playing for a couple years until some friends invited me to start again. When I first started playing with them again, I remember being the one put in front of a goal that was the size usually used for little kids. Guarding Soccer Goals was not my strong point. I don’t know why I was put there. I remember having decent ball handling skills, but nobody wanted to be the one to have to be the goalie that just stood there and looked bad when the team got scored on, but because I was the newer guy, I was naturally the one to be put in that position. No big deal. I just don’t play anymore.

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